Me Online

Have you ever been online and something strange happens that you are unsure of? Maybe an image or video appeared that you didn't like? Has another person been mean or inappropriate to you online? Have you just been online so much it is stopping you feeling like you can do other things? Are you worried to tell an adult in case they stop your screen time? The internet can be fun and useful, but it can also be a strange place sometimes. There are lots of things you can do to keep feeling safe and healthy when you are online.

What can happen online?

  • SPAM and Pop ups (This could lead to your device being hacked)
  • Unwanted or inappropriate content appearing
  • Catfishing and Fake accounts
  • Stranger Danger
  • Addiction
  • Questioning your body image
  • Cyberbullying

How many devices do you have that connect to the internet???

Things you can do to HELP, STOP and PREVENT:

  • Tell a trusted adult if you are ever unsure, worried or scared
  • Report and BLOCK!
  • Stop Looking at it
  • Turn off notifications
  • Don’t retaliate or respond in the same way a bully does
  • Create safe and strong passwords
  • Have private accounts
  • Turn your device off at night time and get some sleep
  • Think before you post
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