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Here at Safety Net we offer a wide range of activities and programmes that you can get involved with. There is something for everyone, whether you need support or just want to get involved. We work in a range of settings, including; 1-1s, small groups and whole class sessions.

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Learn how to stand up for yourself, have better friendships, and feel less anxious. Talk about your worries and get help coping with them, using games and activities

Activities Project

Here you can find some fun to do activities which can also help you if you are feeling worried

Young Volunteers

Young volunteers are children that have accessed our Activities Project and have gone on to plan and run activities for others. They also plan our Little Acts of Kindness project and help create our monthly e-zine.

Little Acts Of Kindness

Little acts of kindness are small good deeds that can be done in your community.

Playground Buddies

We are children who help other children at school playtimes, to sort out problems and make sure you are not lonely.


Check out our half termly E-Zines for help and activities on the things that matter most to you.

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