Me and my friends

Are you worried about friendships?

If so,  that's okay! Lots of children find friendships difficult.

You might be worried about...

  • Falling out
  • Being left out
  • Making new friends

Things that might help make friendships easier

  • Apologise when you have fallen out (take responsibility for your part in the disagreement)
  • Being kind
  • Be brave and ask to join in
  • Talk to a friend and share how you are feeling
  • Listen to your friends when they tell you how they are feeling
  • Agree to move on after a disagreement

Friendships aren’t always as easy and straight forward as we would like them to be.

Ask any adult and they are sure to have lots of examples of times they found friendships tricky. It’s also hard to say ‘sorry’ even when we know we have done something wrong, but it really does help to resolve situations.

If these ideas don’t help talk to an adult and come up with a plan together to make friendships more positive.

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