When Safety Net staff go into school, they work with children either on their own or in small groups. In the same way that some children go out of class for different lessons like music or maths, we invite children to attend our SNAP sessions.

This is an image of hands holding mugs of comforting noodles during a SNAP session.

Read on to find out more, this information was written by children to help other children learn about SNAP.

Sometimes you are in a group..... and sometimes you're in a 1 to 1 session with an adult. 

What is SNAP?

SNAP is not the card game you think it is!

It's a place where we help children feel less worried about things through games and breathing exercises.

Safety Net talks to us about our worries and helps us to feel happy because they make us feel much better.

What do you learn about?

  • How to take away your worries

"We had strength cards which had pictures of different animals on them, and emotions. It helped me feel less worried."

  • You get Early Warning signs when you're scared or worried

Some people's tongues go dry, they want to run away or may experience wobbly knees and butterflies in their stomachs. When you need to get rid of your Early Warning signs you try to be calm.

  • You can be calm by doing a 'mindful moment'. This is when you relax for about two minutes.

You can do STOP, THINK and GO which is when you STOP and THINK about what you're doing and then you GO with the option that makes you feel better.


What did we learn?

"I learnt to talk to trusted adults because I couldn't before."

"I learnt about my Early Warning Signs and what they meant."

"SNAP helped me have confidence."

"I learnt breathing exercises to calm me down when I get angry."

"I enjoyed making squishies to use when I get angry."

Top Tips

  • Check out the website for more information about feelings
  • Don't be afraid to speak to the other children and the adult in the group
  • Join in with the games, they are always fun!
  • Don't be afraid to give your opinion¬†
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