So, you’re feeling happy!

That’s great – happiness makes us feel safe. When we feel safe it’s because we’re not feeling angry, sad or scared.

There’s lots of different words that can help you to describe types of happiness:

  • Excited
  • Pleased
  • Proud
  • Calm
  • Safe
  • Joyful
  • Peaceful

Think about what’s going on around you that’s making you feel happy:

  • Who you’re with
  • Where you are
  • What you’re doing

Sometimes we might be feeling happy because we are thinking about something that’s already happened that’s made us feel that way. Or perhaps we’re looking forward to something that’s going to happen in the future.


It’s a good idea to know what your safe space or happy place is like in your mind.

This can help you to feel safer and happier when you are finding things difficult:


Now that you’re feeling happy, can you help make other people feel happier and safer?

Could you do something kind for someone else? Head to our Little Acts of Kindness page for ideas.

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