Young Volunteers

What is it?

Young Volunteers are children and young people who have accessed our support in schools and go on to plan and run activities for other children to access. They have also planned our Little Acts of Kindness project and helped create our monthly e-zine.

Our first year of running this has been a little trickier because of the pandemic, but the Young Volunteers have planned some amazing activities that they would like to share with the activities project when they can!

Our Young Volunteers have also been hard at work during lockdown, doing mini interviews with the Safety Net team and sharing their experiences for our e-zine. We hope to continue this throughout the year, to keep bringing you useful information and tips and tricks.


What do other children say about being a Young Volunteer?


‘I want to be a Young Volunteer to help other children like me.’

‘I love being part of the Safety Net team!’

‘We’re helping people in our community.’

Who Is it for?

You can become a Young Volunteer if you are interested in having your voice heard and making a difference to other children who we support at Safety Net.

When does it happen?

Normally, Young Volunteers meet once a month for a meeting and they also come along to help with activities. We are planning our 2022 Young Volunteers Programme to begin in January and we are looking at lots of different ways to work with Young Volunteers. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Our Young reporters help the Safety Net team to create half termly e-zines. All of the e-zines have explanations, advice and activities around things that lots of children have told us they need help with. There's also a helpful signpost at the back of each one, which shows you where you can go for extra help.

You can find some of our latest e-zines here:

Friendships and falling out 

Navigating news

Rolling with Routines

Stepping up to Secondary School

If you would like your voice heard, you can become a Young Reporter for Safety Net! Please email [email protected]
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